Welcome to the official website of the GPM program of the HU Berlin.
If you want to participate in the GPM program, please contact us by mail. Then, you will receive an access to the GPM database. As a registered member, you can manage your GPM station, add site information and edit your observations online.


Global Phenological Monitoring Programme  

The Global Phenological Monitoring Programme (GPM) is coordinated by the Humboldt-University of Berlin. It is an initiative of the Phenology Study Group of the International Society of Biometeorology http://www.biometeorology.org/. Phenological Observations will be done in special GPM-gardens throughout the world between approximately 35° N to the Arctic Circle and the southern tropics to 50° S. In these gardens a standard programme (fruit trees) and an extended programme (ornamental shrubs) will be observed. Not all species in the programme can grow at each site. The number of observed species in a garden depends mainly on the local climate conditions. Phenological observations will be done by:

  • Professional observers,
  • Schools subscribed to the Global Phenology Garden of the GLOBE Programme (Global Learning and Benefit the Environment), and
  • Volunteers.

In the vicinity of each GPM-Garden a meteorological station should be located.

Download: GPM Observation sheet

The GPM-gardens will receive their plants from a parent garden. This specialized parent garden will grow and distribute species of the observation programme. Parent garden guarantee the use of genetically identical species with the best quality. To order the plants, please contact:

Baumschule Krauß
Im Mitteltal 3
D-74232 Abstatt

Phone: +49 (7062) 61529
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