Welcome to the official website of the GPM program of the HU Berlin.
If you want to participate in the GPM program, please contact us by mail. Then, you will receive an access to the GPM database. As a registered member, you can manage your GPM station, add site information and edit your observations online.

About the project

The development of the GPM database and the online interface began as an internship at the Technical University of Berlin. In an optional course, 9 students took part in creating this web-based application which has been developed by Mr. Jonas Winkler to the current stage.


Project coordination

Georgy Dobrev

Project management

Tim Jungnickel

Quality Assurance

Sebastian Schuck

Development Lead & bug tracking

Jonas Winkler

UI & backend programming

Tim Jungnickel

Sebastian Schreck

Peter Meyer

Jonas Winkler

Sebastian Schuck

Graphical design

Korhan Parlar

Data export

Kamran Shafieian

Google Maps team

Aaron Schlutter

Malte Thiede